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Golden 300 Hybrid ducks
Laura Backman
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Golden 300 Hybrid ducks...wondering if they are friendly ducks? Noisy?

Golden 300s are Hybrid ducks, not a breed. This means they will all be different depending on who has more of what genes. They are made up of Cayuga, Rouen, Campbell and Runner and are egg laying machines. They are meant for an egg production farm and require very precise management to stay healthy. If not managed properly, they will lay eggs every day of the year. They are very jumpy, noisy, and are not meant for pets. Unless you are experienced with "production" ducks, you should not get these. As far as overall health, they are very healthy ducks as long as you can manage them correctly. They possess "Hybrid vigor" which means their make up is so diverse it usually makes them extremely hardy. Over the years raising all the breeds, the friendliest ducks are, in this order: Silver Appleyard, Purebred Cayuga (rarely from a hatchery), Pekin and almost any of the bantams, except for the East Indies, they are sometimes jumpy. The noisiest are the Call ducks, Blue Swedish, Pekin, Runner and Mallards. The quietest are the Cayuga, and  Appleyard. The most Nervous and unfriendly are the Runner, Khaki Campbell, Buff Orpington. There are exceptions to all rules, but so far, these breeds hold pretty true to these characteristics. And Of coarse, most males make a very low raspy noise, except for the Swedish, they can actually "quack" very loud for a male. Muscovy ducks aren't for everyone, but I think they make the best pet duck. They are friendly, quiet and very hardy. However, sometimes the males can be temperamental.

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