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..Not all Great Pyrenees will protect a flock, especially a flock of birds. There are so many things to consider...lines and background of the dog does matter. A Great Pyrenees meant to protect the flock should have been bred from working lines. The parents and grandparents of the puppy should have had their hips and patella's certified. Hip displasia and patellar lunation is common in the breed and it is important that the breeder is only breeding certified dogs. A dog with a limp or hips that give out on him will be of no use to you or your flock...you also must be aware that you will need very secure fencing. Pyrenees love to roam and need secure fencing preferably with electrified wire on the inside to keep them from climbing the fencing to gain more of what they consider is their territory. Great Pyrenees are also very loud and frequent barkers, especially at night and will let their presence be known to the predators at all hours of the night. So if you have close neighbors or live in an area not zoned for livestock you could have a problem. LGD's are considered a necessity in agricultural areas and so do not fall under any nuisance laws. They also love to dig pond sized holes any where they feel like.  Consider also that these are big dogs and even a puppy playing can break a ducks back. Even if your dog has the instinct to guard, it will have to be at least a year old and neutered before it can be even remotely trusted with your birds. We have two great Pyrenees to guard our goat and sheep flocks and they do a wonderful job. They were purchased as working adults...from breeders and members of the Great Pyrenees Club of America...Great Pyrenees generally will not tolerate other dogs, even if they do, if one of your other dogs were to come close to the Pyrenees flock, the Pyrenees would likely kill the dog. We need to remove our Pyrenees from the flocks when we are working our Shepherds.

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